Clearplan(R) Fertility Monitor

Our objective is to serve more women, in more parts of the world, more completely.

To bring you our vision, we research, we design, we collaborate and we deliver. Our products have consistently been the firstin their category, to be brought to consumers. For example, Clearblue® was the first brand to introduce a pregnancy test with Weeks Indicator, digitally displayed results, a urine sample indicator, provide results in one minute and a one-step pregnancy test. In addition, we have won a number of awards for the innovative marketing approaches that we have taken.

At SPD we are committed to advancing personal health and well-being through a continuing flow of new and inventive developments. We are continually collaborating with thought-leaders, researchers and clinicians around the world to develop new consumer products that meet the most rigorous scientific demands, as well as the consumer's needs of reliability, simplicity and affordability.

We have an exciting future ahead with our new product pipeline.

Our research and development activities are currently carried out at the Clearblue innovation Centre in Bedford UK where a dedicated R&D team stands at the forefront of rapid diagnostic technology.